Training, Monitoring and Improvements

We train you to edit most por-tions of your website using the CMS software instantly. We also provide the best tools to track and analyze your growth and the training to use them. We can also provide the repor-ting & monitoring as an ongoing service for ‘busy entrepreneurs’ who choose to not do it them-selves.
We understand that technology keeps on changing and we continuously suggest ideas & improvements to further grow & promote your business.


Marketing Strategies for the Web

Apart from effective website development, we give you stra-tegies & a game plan for effect-ive online marketing. This inclu-des SEO and SEM services, targeted marketing, relevant partner websites where we could place ad banners for your product / service etc. We also run suitable social media camp-aigns like customized contests, campaigns or give-aways on Facebook, Twitter and Group Buying Coupon sites. We also help your company establish its network on LinkedIn and busi-ness directories.


Making your Website Effective

After analyzing your needs and ideas, we build a customized website that suits your business and your target audience and market. Every site we build has a CMS back end, giving you the power to make changes at any time. We strike a balance betw-een good design, intuitive navi-gation, usability & standards.
We involve you in every step so you know that the site truly re-flects your ideas and style. If your current website is already good, we suggest improvements and features to make it more effective.


Discussing Possibilities and Paperwork

A brand new Web 2.0 website or a slight revamp, creating contests & giveaways on social media, harnessing search engine results: just some things that can move your business forw-ard. Our recommendations are tailor made for your company, with possible costs, expected results and the value they can bring to your business and what you should try first. You decide what works best and we quickly get the payments and contract done and immediately start working on your solution.


Analyzing your Business and Market

What do clients like about your company? Why do they choose your products /services? What’s your story? Who are your bigg- est competitors? What’s your target market? Your current market? What are your ideas for growth?
Knowing these answers, gives us a unique understanding of your company and allows us to form the most suitable mix of technologies in a solution cust-omized for just your company. We can also showcase these facts better online.


See how a website is transformed



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